- Escola Primaria de Mafacitela
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Banhine N.P.  
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While our team is located in the USA, our project focuses on the village of Mafacitela. This village is located in Gaza Province, Mozambique, on the perimeter of Banhine National Park.  Banhine (pr. Bon-yeen) is located in the north-central region of the province. The park is 7,000 km2 (nearly the size of Connecticut), and serves as a vital watershed for the Limpopo river. The park was once a haven for a large variety of African wildlife. But decades of conflict in Mozambique has left the park all but devoid of its native animals. Through over-harvesting and habitat loss, much of the native flora, which the local population depend on for their well-being, has also been decimated. Environmental education is sure to go a long way in reversing this unfortunate trend.

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Map of MozambiqueMap of Gaza Province